Design quality control in Allplan

Rule-based expert system to prevent errors during BIM modeling in Allplan
Seamless integrated in Allplan, - no export, no external application, familiar environment
Set of building checks

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During building design you can always check yourself, - building norms, certain trade design specifics, internal BIM regulation. So can many problems be avoided, without leaving Allplan
Escape route
The check finds the shortest escape route from every room to closest fire exit, and controls its length, width, height difference as far as combustible finishing materials.
Support depth
Wall-slab support unit - one example of geometrical determination of BIM model problems
Static axes vertical adjustment
Under one load-bearing element there are no other such, - design error or special solution? Expert system will attend the engineer's attention to doubtful building parts
Clearance above the stairs
Is the stairways headroom clearance enough? The answer is not trivial. Typical example of check using library of geometric and building specifics functions of Allcheck.
Сonsole overhang
In case the 3D model was passed to engineer from architect, it is reasonable to check it for correctness, highlighting potential problem issues. Allcheck helps!

Rely on the quality

Everyone - the designer with Allplan, the customer, the contractor, the approval engineer - needs reliable data.

Single BIM data source has to be correct! If your information model contains errors, if you do not have necessary descriptions or the required level of detail, you will not be able to output correct drawings, specifications, cost estimates or schedules.

Fixing errors on the construction site is much more expensive than at the design stage. Non-compliance with building regulations will result in a great deal of wasted time at the project approval stage.

Allcheck allows you to avoid errors during the design process in the Allplan or Planbar environments, without having to exchange files or to switch to third-party programs.

Anf free lifelong Allcheck Junior version increases already now the reliability of your design, even before the full version purchase.

Ability is important in our quest for success, but dependability is critical.
- Zig Ziglar

Bearing depth

Clearance above the stairs

Static axes vertical adjustment

Escape route

Console overhang

Technical details

Allcheck is based on a standard expert system shell, supplemented with a fact generator featuring a library of geometrical and construction functions, modules for data input and output from the BIM model, and provided with huge pool of construction checks.

Custom rule-based

  • Model control is using rule-based custom checks
  • Checks can be started one-by-one, or as pre-configured group
  • Settings can be passed on to colleagues and to the design contractor
  • Errors can be highlighted on the whole model, or only problem issues can be shown
  • ‘Checker-corrector’ interaction workflow, via LAN or in the cloud (e.g. Allplan bimplus)

Variety of checks by groups

    Checks are grouped by trades and checker's roles:
  • Engineering, Precast, Structural analysis checks
  • Architectural, security checks
  • Attributive, collision, interaction checks
  • BIM master model, BIM regulation checks

Extensive library of functions

  • Geometric functions (Intersection, Close to, Above...)
  • Construction functions (Escape route, Support depth, Span width, Console overhang, Analysis model...)
  • To improve the configurability of customized checks

  • More info

Allcheck Junior

  • Free lifelong version
  • Collision and attribute checks only
  • Intersection settings - "who to whom", color, importance
  • List output of collisions and errors
  • Configurable attributes check, e.g. "Show all doors with height less 2m"

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Annual maintenance (update and support) € 500 extra, optional

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Allplan Junior

Lifetime licence

Collisions + Attribute checks only


+ Know-How

Optional analysis of one part of your project

Presentation to assist with optimal application settings

Training video and remote consultations

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