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A civil engineer needs to analyse numerous variants of bearing structures in building design. Modern structural analysis software programs work fast; however, the manual preparations of calculation models for them can be very time-consuming.

The Design2Static plugin significantly accelerates the creation of analysis models for on-sity buildings in Allplan and can transfer them to various structural analysis software, like Dlubal, InfoGraph, Sofistik, etc.


The data re-entry is excluded — quite the BIM style! And all this, including checking and editing, is done without leaving your familiar Allplan environment.

Make use of time, let not advantage slip.

- William Shakespeare

Original architecture

Generated analysis model

User feedback


Allbau Design2Statiс… a brilliant tool! Integrated directly in ALLPLAN, it allows easy creation of a analysis model based on a 3D ALLPLAN model in the usual way. A rare and successful example of using BIM synergies!


The Design2Static tool for ALLPLAN finally closes the gap between CAD models and finite element calculation models. The need for repeated data re-entry is eliminated, the time savings are exceptional.

HTWK Leipzig

Using the Allbau plugin in the current project we considerably improved data exchange between the structural modelling in ALLPLAN and calculations in Dlubal RFEM.

It works like this

The Design2Static plugin generates an analysis model of the building, based on the architectural model or shell.

Checking and corrective actions are performed directly within Allplan, thereby reducing the time needed to master the application, and for analysis model corrections.

Creating an analysis model

  • Analysis model generation from the architectural or formwork one
  • In a separate drawing file in Allplan, as 3D lines with attributes
  • Ignoring of non-bearing elements (or turning them into loads), correct generation of the bearing axes
  • Consideration of the structural scheme (load-bearing walls or frames)
  • An optional plugin for precast buildings (considering fixtures and slab-wall load bearings)

Nodes processing

  • Alignment of axes (elongation and displacement) for correct node points creation
  • User-customisable controls
  • Preview before generation
  • Alignment directions only structurally enabled

Checking and editing the analysis model

  • Overlaying of analysis model over the shell for visual monitoring in Allplan
  • Automatic alignment check
  • Various options for representing not aligned points
  • Easy editing with the standard Allplan tools
  • Workflow for corrections managing between team members

Export to structural analysis software

  • Export of materials and element properties (like thicknesses)
  • Generation of IFC Structural Analysis View
  • Export to Dlubal, InfoGraph, Sofistik etc. proved.

(If your structural analysis software is not listed, we would check the operability with it for you upon request)

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Lifetime licence.

Annual maintenance (update and support) € 200 extra, optional.

1000 €

+ Know-How

Optional analysis of one part of your project.

Presentation to assist with optimal application settings.

Training video and remote consultations.

990 €

Software rent

One-year license using.

Update and support included.

500 €


Among many other improvements, the range of possibilities for proceeding of foundations have been significantly improved and developed in this new version 2.0.

New alignments (including those relating various types of foundations to each other) and new settings, covering various methods of foundation modelling by users, have been added.

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